Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Laces from Ebay n vintage project share

These are my Fav- pieces
ain't they gorgeous?

Beautiful Vintage Style little
Bag with a handle

 embellished with with a handmade flower n gorgeous laces n trims from my stash

iamges is printed on to a canvus like cotton fabric

 Back of my Bag
together with my laces
simply devine<3

luv u guys Va


  1. I absolutely adore your style, I made myself a shabby purse a few years ago and love it. However, yours is so much more beautiful. I just can't get those gorgeous laces around here, I only get lucky one in a while. I want to get my whole wardrobe shabby style I've made a few dresses and such eventually

    1. Hi thx for joining me here, Laces r also very hard to find in Australia thast why i always check out Ebay eveynow n then to c what people sell.
      i enjoy making bags very much luv Va

  2. Hi Va! i loveeeeeee all!
    the laces? wow! i love the vintage laces!
    Hugs! from Chile

    1. Hi Vilma great to c u here also mwahhh, vintage laces r super gorgeous, luv n hugs Va

  3. I loved all the laces, wow.
    And i am a follower now.
    Hugs Astrid

    1. thk u joining me here, yes the laces r gorgeous!! luv n hugs Va

  4. Hi Va. I watch your videos & love your style. Yes, the lace s are gorgeous. Still quite a bit of lace & lace doilies to be found in NZ, but I buy off Ebay too, as always some lovely bits on there. Shame postage is getting so high everywhere. Love your little vintage-style bag too. Scrappy hug from NZ

  5. Hi Va,
    congratulations to your new blog. It's so pretty and shabby. I love, love it.
    Your vintage bag absolutely gorgeous. The shabby laces are so beutiful. I love all your creations and I love your style.
    Many hugs from Beate, Germany