Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Some gorgeous vintage Laces i got from Ebay hope u like them!!
OMG!!! omg omg It's been soo long since have blogged n i have no idea where to start. I was looking at some templates on google. I typed in google search shabby chic temples and as i was scrolling down this site caught my eye it's called Vintage made for you here s their link It is one of the most helpful blogs when starting out soo much info n i finally managed to start a blog with back grounds n a header, well after nearly pulling out all my hair hahahha. It's soo simple for those who know what to do but for those like me who jsut came out of 10,000,00 bc it was hard!!! lol. Pls do check them out if u r starting out again like me or if u want to have some new bk grounds etc. talk soon mwahhhh Va